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Roof Checklist
seasonal maintenance

The roof is no place to cut corners and no matter the season, even seemingly minor roofing issues can put your home and valuables at risk. Follow this roof checklist to prepare your home for any season. Download Checklist.

What to look for:

1. Missing & curled shingles
Water can penetrate roof deck which causes water to leak into ceiling.

2. Visible damage to pipe vents & flashing
Easy access for water to penetrate roof deck which causes water to leak into ceiling. Varmints such as rats & squirrels can enter home through holes.

3. Cracks in chimney cap
These cracks will ice & expand in the winter causing chimney damage.

4. Missing granules on shingles, or granules found in gutters
Leads to additional sun & water damage, which shortens life of roof.


5. Large tree limbs overhanging the roof that have no leaves when they should, sticking out farther than others, rot, distress, fungal areas or dead spots
Daily breezes & storms will cause even the smallest limbs that touch your roof to wear away granules, & cause damage to shingles. 


6. Moss or lichens on shingles
You want to remove moss and lichen, they are not beauty marks, & will shorten the life of your roof. They cause more debris to accumulate and trap moisture on your shingles that will build-up over time.

7. Debris/leaves in roof valleys, around vent pipes, gutters, caught in tile, & other areas
Debris causes more debris to accumulate onto roof. Debris holds water, damages tile, and over time leads to roof problems.


8. Inside your home, look for brown spots on the ceiling
Left untreated, water spots will continue to leak every time it rains and can cause mold and unwanted holes in your ceiling.


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