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AtticDefense® Ridge Vent

AtticDefense® ridge vent ensures dependable protection that provides continuous airflow throughout the attic. Made of polyester-fiber material, AtticDefense is the superior-choice among soft-roll ridge vents. The non-wicking, non-woven material is designed to keep rain, snow, and insects out of the attic. It will not compress or flatten over time, nor will it breakdown and clog compared to naturally derived mesh materials that use coconut hulls and fabric covered vents. The low-profile design virtually disappears on the roof when installed yet exhausts warm attic air to create a balanced system. Compared to HDPE ridge vents, AtticDefense ridge vent is considered more flexible and lightweight, a value choice that is easy-to-install and delivers continuous ventilation for a cool and dry attic.

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Class A Fire Rating
Clog-Free Design

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