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A Look Ten Years Later

In 1986, Julene Lind was presented the opportunity to make her dreams come true and purchase the 4,000 square foot store on 38th and Nicollet where she had worked since 1979. She says, “It was a dream come true and has never looked back!” A few years later she was able to expand the business and purchased the two buildings next door. The little hardware store was remodeled and grew to 15,000 square feet. Now a picturesque storefront within the beautiful Kingfield neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN. It is known to all within the community as the charming-looking hardware store with a big red roof and large heart that gives back to the community it loves and serves.

Julene and Steve renovated their ACE with Quarrix Composite Roofing in 2007. The Double Roman tile profile and Desert Red color were chosen to accent the roof, and adds to its beauty and character. It’s been 10 years since the composite tile roof was installed and the tile roof looks like it was installed yesterday with no signs of wear, tear, cracks or fading. Ten years later Julene still loves the roof and says, “We have never regretted our roof choice─it was the perfect choice!”

Minneapolis, MN is an area of the United States that has wide temperature swings of up to 100 degrees throughout the year. In the winter, temperatures can dip to a low of -30°F and in the summer reach as high as 100°F. Quarrix composite tile is proven to withstand the harshest cold and hot weather climates, and being Class 4 impact tested it is able to withstand Minnesota’s hail storms. Julene and Steve have been owners of Nicollet Hardware for over 30 years, and are looking forward to another 30 years. With Quarrix’s 50-year composite roof warranty, they are all set and ready to go!

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Profile: Double Roman
Tile Color: Desert Red