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At Quarrix, we’re revolutionizing the way people roof. Nearly 30 years ago, we paved our way in the world of building materials with innovations in attic ventilation with our line of ridge vent products. Since then, we’ve expanded our product line to include innovative solutions for the entire roof. Innovation is the hallmark of Quarrix, from composite roofing tiles to soffit vents to pipe flashings (and nearly everything in between), our complete product lineup allows architects, contractors and homeowners to achieve a beautiful roof that is authentically Quarrix.

Composite Tile

When choosing Quarrix composite tile you can expect to receive some of the finest roofing materials available today. Formed of natural elements, our tiles are engineered to the highest standards and are accompanied by Class 4 impact ratings, Class C fire ratings and are not susceptible to freeze/thaw issues. They're not only lighter than clay or concrete tiles, but more durable as well.

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Tile Components

Tile roofs stay beautiful longer when they are properly installed using our complete system of tile components. Quarrix tile accessories provide superior long-term performance for your peace of mind.

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Rigid Ridge Vents

The most durable and versatile ridge vent on the market. The Rigid Roll and Rigid Section are Quarrix's hallmark products for achieving a beautiful roof and creating a balanced ventilation system every time.

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Aviator® Ridge Vent

Looking for a ridge vent with a baffle? The Aviator® is the best ridge vent with integrated baffle for your roof. We revolutionized the design of this commonly-used ridge vent stick and did not stop innovating until we brought it into the 21st century. With all these innovations and the Quarrix name, we have to give this 4-foot ridge vent a distinctive name - one that flies above all the others - Aviator.

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Multi Roll Ridge Vent

The best solution for difficult to vent areas. Multi Roll is our most versatile ridge vent with 3-in-1 application. Helps keep attics cool and allows hot, moist air to release at the highest point, which is essential to achieving a balanced ventilation system.

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Flex Roll Ridge Vent

Flex Roll is the most flexible and lowest profile of our ridge vent products. It gets its flexible nature and soft feel from being made of a silicone material, versus a harder HDPE plastic material. The non-wicking and non-woven silicone material resists clogging and is incredibly lightweight and easy-to-install. Flex Roll can only be installed under metal roofing and asphalt shingles. It is the best ridge vent for manufactured housing.

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Soffit Vents

Quarrix Soffit Vent was engineered to solve the “zonal” ventilation issues found among other under eave soffit intake products. In order to combat zonal ventilation, we developed our soffit vent to provide an even and continuous air intake at the eave to help create a more balanced system.

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Pipe Boot Pipe Flashing

Quarrix® Pipe Boot is frost-free, lead-free weatherproof pipe flashing that easily fits over plumbing vent pipes on the roof to protect from frost, squirrels, and deterioration which can cause leaks to occur overtime.  Quarrix Pipe Boot is 100% lead-free made of galvanized steel it keeps squirrels, raccoons and other pesky varmints from chewing on your roof pipe vents. Easy to install in a few steps by placing the boot over the vent pipe, nail where indicated and simply turn the TightLOCK® top, it grips the pipe and forms a weathertight seal and no cumbersome specialty tools needed. Can adjust accordingly to fit roof pitches between 3/12 to 8/12 and telescoping sleeve allows for varying pipe heights.

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Smart Plug™ Roof Patch

The Quarrix Smart Plug™ Roof Patch is the smartest solution for covering holes in the roof – FAST! It easily installs in seconds – Place It – Nail It – Done! It is an easy plug solution that makes converting from static vents to ridge ventilation products faster and stronger than other methods. Made of heavy-duty 24 gauge galvanized steel with a reinforced backside that can hold more than 700 lbs. Can be installed with a nail gun. Fits standard sized holes left by box, slant-back and turbine vents; available in 8” and 12” sizes.

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Furring Strips

Quarrix Furring Strips are made from a durable plastic material that will not rot and perform better than wood strips. Our furring strips work with most exterior cladding systems including stone, wood, fiber-cement, vinyl, stucco, and EIFS systems.

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Installation & Spec Library

Find installation tips and videos in our library for all Quarrix products.

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