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OffRidge Intake & Exhaust Vent

OffRidge Intake & Exhaust vent provides on-deck ventilation for hard to vent areas. Perfect for homes with closed, boxed-in soffits, or no overhang, OffRidge allows you to install intake ventilation easily along the bottom third of the roof deck. Roof-to-wall and fire walls are other hard to vent areas where OffRidge makes adding ventilation easy and clean without causing any unsightly protrusions from the roof. Equipped with our patented weather-blocker and made of HDPE plastic, it can withstand the impact of hail and elements of Mother Nature. OffRidge Intake and Exhaust vent delivers the best on-deck and off-ridge ventilation with a sleek design for a clean, neat architecture.

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Features & Applications

Weather Blocker
Intake Near Eave Edge
Roof-to-Wall Exhaust

Product Specifications


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