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stops weather, not airflow

How the Quarrix StormStop® Membrane Works

The Quarrix StormStop protects the attic from nature's worst elements. In extreme weather conditions, damaging elements that could enter the vent are blocked by the StormStop membrane in Rigid Roll® and Rigid Section® ridge vents. StormStop is a spun-bound material that keeps moisture out while allowing continuous airflow. The StormStop material is 71% open and 29% closed, meaning that water will bead up on the material and roll back out of the vent.

No Worries with StormStop®

StormStop® membrane stops wind driven rain, snow and sleet. This patented filter shields your attic from weather, while still allowing air to flow freely. Because of the unique material and design of StormStop water is repelled and cannot penetrate. It works on stopping pests and bugs from entering the attic, too.