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30 years of innovation

Through product innovations, a commitment to superior performance and passion for putting the customer first, Quarrix has paved the way in the world of roofing materials. Read through our timeline below to learn more about where we've been and where we plan to go.

Liberty Diversified International (LDI) is born - an innovative, family-owned company that is grounded in tradition, trust and excellence. Founder, Jack Fiterman gets his start refurbishing burlap bags and wooden boxes. 

1985 - LDI advances and enters the corrugated plastic industry.

1992 - Trimline Building Products is introduced to the family of LDI companies. Trimline manufactures shingle-over ridge vent attic ventilation systems.

2000 - StormStop, a spun-bound nonabsorbent membrane that allows air to pass through while preventing water and debris infiltration becomes an added feature to product line.

Introduces Composite Tile, a lightweight and durable material uniquely designed to match the appearance of traditional clay tile.

2003First to manufacture on the roof intake and off-peak vents which provide solutions to problematic venting challenges.

2004 Pass all safety requirements for fire performance, hail resistance and/or resistance to wind uplift to receive UL Class A.

Develop full scale product testing facility in Baldwyn, Mississippi to improve existing products and lead to the development of new products.

2008 Expand product line by introducing Furring Strips as an alternative to wood furring. These extend the life of the siding and paint by eliminating heat and moisture build-up.

2009 Multi Roll Multi-Purpose Vent enters the market as a new product line. The best solution that solves three different ventilation challenges: off-peak exhaust, lower intake and shed (clerestory) applications.

Trimline expands into new markets and rebrands company name to Quarrix Building Products.

2013 Quarrix enters the pipe flashing market with the Pipe Boot, an all-steel weatherproof pipe flashing that protects against plumbing vent leaks through extreme weather conditions.

2015Launched Flex Roll, a low profile soft ridge vent made of non-woven and non-wicking material. Lightweight, flexible and easy to install.

2015 Offers a better way to vent with the launch of Aviator ridge vent. Aviator features a patented “hyper foil” design which provides better airflow in the attic and also features a clog-free baffle.

We promise to continue creating solutions that provide superior performance to protect and enhance your home.

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