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Wall Protection

An unseen line of defense, rainscreen products designed to keep walls dry and prevent trapped moisture from accumulating behind cladding - keeping mold and pests away and siding beautiful.

ProTect Furring Strips

ProTect Furring Strips provide long-lasting protection that prevents moisture damage within the walls. Uniquely designed with small air channels that allow bulk water and other moisture to easily escape behind cladding, and air to flow vertically and horizontally keeping the wall assembly dry.

ProTect Siding Starter

ProTect Siding Starter offers easy-to-install, breathable moisture protection behind the first course of cladding. Crafted from lightweight HDPE plastic, these strips boast easy handling and installation, cutting down on both time and expenses.


ProTect Drain Mat

ProTect Drain Mat promotes breathability between the walls for a healthy home. Constructed of non-woven material that is 95% open and moisture resistant, ProTect Drain Mat creates a drainage plane for trapped water to run off and an air cavity to promote cross-ventilation and drying.