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Aviator Ridge Vent
with integrated baffle design

Looking for a ridge vent with a baffle? The Aviator® is the best ridge vent with integrated baffle for your roof. We revolutionized the design of this commonly-used ridge vent stick and did not stop innovating until we brought it into the 21st century. The Aviator's patented winged-edges sets it apart from other ridge vents and creates better ventilation. We have a reputation for creating strong, durable ridge vents, and is why we added strength and support to prevent any flexing and twisting once installed. We also solved the age-old problem of trapped debris in baffles by designing a clog-free baffle. With all these innovations and the Quarrix name, we have to give this 4-foot ridge vent a distinctive name - one that flies above all the others - Aviator.

Aviator flies above the rest with its patented winged edge Aviator is the best ridge vent with integrated clog-free baffle Customize Aviator to fit your roofing needs, available with or without a filter


Winged Edge Equals Better Ventilation

Our patented edge is unique because it creates areas of pressure and promotes better ventilation by letting air flow out both sides of the vent.

Clog-Free Baffle for Less Maintenance

Baffle is designed so that snow or rain are not pulled into the vent and debris from leaves, pine needles and twigs will not get trapped. A clog-free baffle keeps the vent operating properly and needs less maintenance.

Invisible Profile for a Beautiful Roof

A lower-profile and darker shadow line creates an almost invisible appearance from the ground. Shingle-over application reinforces a neat and clean roof line for an aesthetically pleasing view of the roof. 

Installs Faster and Easier 

Includes nailing line and nail bosses for a no-guessing installation that is quick and easy

Cut lines for a Perfect Fit

We include scored and easy-to-identify cut lines to ensure a perfect fitting ridge vent.


Product Specs

  • Compatible with asphalt shingles only
  • Made from polypropylene plastic 
  • Pitches from 3/12 to 16/12 
  • 18" NFA
  • 1" thick
  • Widths: Fits standard 12" cap shingles
  • 4 ft. sections (10 pieces per box)
  • Part # 56780 without filter
  • Part # 56781 with filter
  • Covered by US Patent 9695594


paper2.png Aviator Spec Sheet

hammer2.png How-to-Install Aviator Ridge Vent

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