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No Crush Material
high-density polyethylene

Flimsy is Not in Our Vocabulary. Rigid is in Our Name.

Our products are made strong and durable with High-Density Polyethylene material known as HDPE. HDPE is more rigid and harder than lower density materials. It has a higher tensile and compressive strength than other materials. HDPE is one of the highest impact resistant thermoplastics available. It maintains all its properties at extremely low temperatures so no cracking occurs. It is resistant to corrosion from moisture and water, including salt water.

Incredibly strong is Quarrix's Rigid Roll. That's why we don't mind if you walk all over us, unlike other vents that are less rigid. There's no place for ballerina moves while you're installing product on the roof, that's why we don't make you dance around our ridge vents. Go ahead and step on the vent, just remember to buy Quarrix.