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Roofing materials for the Southwestern region

The sights and spectacles of the Southwestern United States are truly unique, and the same can be said for the weather. Blazing heat, constant dust, droughts, wildfires — even earthquakes or tornadoes in some states — the American Southwest sees it all. If you’re planning a new build or remodeling project in this region, you need a roof/ventilation plan that can stand up to everything Mother Nature deals out.

Whether you’re a contractor or looking to find the perfect roof for your own dream home, here’s our guide to what to consider in the Southwestern United States.


Constant sun and dust

While earthquakes, wildfires and tornadoes garner a lot of attention, your roof and ventilation should first account for more common challenges. In the Southwest, that means handling the heat and constant dust the area is known for.

From southern California to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, dry weather is the norm and because some regions of the southwest can see 360 days of sunshine per year, you’ll encounter plenty of dust in addition to the heat. This dust, if allowed to build up over time, can not only hamper the air quality of your home, it can also hinder your ventilation system’s ability to move air throughout the home and maintain internal temperatures.

Solve for the dust

The heat of this region makes clay or concrete tiles a popular choice. Beneath those tiles, you’ll need a home ventilation solution that will not only keep your home cool — bolstering the health of your roof and reducing your air conditioning bills — but also keep the dust out.

Quarrix StormStop Ridge Vent can help you meet all these goals. The market leader in durability and versatility, ridge vents are made from crush-resistant HDPE and have undergone extensive dust exposure testing under ICC standards. The results show our vents have no reduction in their resistance to air flow because of dust. They keep the air flowing and the dust — and/or vermin — at bay. 

That’s good news, but in addition to keeping your ventilation system fully operational, you should also know that rigid solutions work with a variety of roofing materials to preserve your home’s overall appearance. This allows you to choose the roof you love and rest assured we can find a ventilation solution that will work for your goals.

Research your options today

The Southwest’s continuous challenges require a dependable solution. Choosing products that not only survive but thrive under these conditions is the best way for you to enjoy all those bright sunny days ... on your own terms, of course.

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