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KTM Roofing

Project: Ming Ding Meditation Center
Where: Duluth, GA

KTM Roofing out of Atlanta, GA submitted a drone video of their recently completed Quarrix composite tile roofing project.  We asked Tim McLoughlin, company owner, to take some time and tell us a bit about using the drone and how was their first Quarrix composite tile installation project.

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, and we are now beginning to see them used by roofing companies. Besides the wonderful video you filmed, what other ways are you using drones in your business? 
[Tim] This was our first time using the drone and we are really impressed with the quality images a drone can provide.  We plan to use it on large commercial projects in the future and even time lapse cameras on residential and commercial projects. This allows us to provide our customers with a birds-eye view.

Why was KTM Roofing chosen for this project?
[Tim] KTM has been in business for 32 years.  We have built a VERY strong reputation in the Atlanta market for quality work and competitive pricing.  We have a 12-year warranty which meets or exceeds or competition.  We are known for taking on jobs that others deem “too difficult” or specialty jobs.  These jobs have become our niche.  Our salespeople are salaried employees who approach the customer and sale from a different angle than a commission salesperson.  We believe in educating the customer rather than using pressure sales tactics.  We are certified from some of the top manufacturers in the industry.

What do you find is most helpful to customers when trying to decide on the type of roof? 
[Tim] We listen to the customer’s wants and needs, and we help educate them on the options we offer to achieve these goals.  We eliminate the guess-work for the customer and provide options that we have experience installing and offer comfortable warranties often backed by the manufacturer to give them a sense of comfort.

How did you hear about Quarrix and our composite tile offering? 
[Tim] Our Quarrix rep, Bill McDonald, helped us during the entire process.

What was your biggest concern when considering the roofing project for the Meditation Center? 
[Tim] We had never installed Quarrix composite tile before, so we were not sure what to expect as far as ease of installation and making sure we covered the labor. 

How long did it take your customer to make a decision about the type of roof tile they would use? Why? 
The customer knew they wanted a Spanish tile look from the beginning.  I provided then with several color samples and they choose the color on the spot.

What was the most challenging aspect about the Ming Ding Meditation Center project? 
[Tim] The project called for pointed/curved corners and a radius eave around the entire building that we had to customize to ensure the water had positive drainage and would not cause leaks in the future.

What was your favorite aspect of the project? 
[Tim] We loved the final product.  The quality and look of the materials combined with our craftsmanship made for a beautiful final product the customer will appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

Did the customer have a favorite feature about their roof? (style, color, longevity, cost, etc…) 
[Tim] The customer was pleased with every aspect of the project.  They loved the product and the installation.  We finished the project several days before our projected completion date and followed through on everything we promised.