The Quarrix Advantage

Quarrix Building Products offers the right solution to any building project with four key benefits:

The Quarrix Advantage

Ease of Installation

Quarrix Ridge Vents are 2 times as fast to install compared to other rolled ridge vents using our One Pass Installation™.

  • With Quarrix 20’ Rigid Roll you can secure vent and cap shingle in one step with a coil nail gun making it 5 times faster to install compared to other 4’ sections on the market, which saves time and money.
  • Quarrix Rigid Roll unrolls in seconds and can easily be trimmed to any length with a utility knife.

Quarrix Composite Tile is lighter weight, which means easy handling and a lower percentage of breakage per roof.

  • There is no need for structural reinforcement when using Composite Tile.
  • When remodeling or building new, thousands of dollars can be spent on engineering costs to design the correct truss system. With Quarrix Composite Tile, there is no need to have intrusive truss redesign work.
  • Quarrix Composite Tile can also be cut, fastened and drilled with standard power roofing tools for fast installation.

Certified Performance

Quarrix Ridge Vents are tested and certified to meet the requirements of ICC-ES, Miami Dade, TDI and UL certifications.

When an attic has proper ventilation, the life of the roof will be extended. The roof will also be protected from elements that can damage the roof structure and reduce the life of the roof, eliminating energy waste.

Energy Waste – This can occur year round from attic heat build-up and moisture that can accumulate and damage insulation. Heat built up in the attic will reduce the efficiency of any cooling system. Damaged insulation loses its R-value efficiency, driving up heating cost.

Roof shingle installationIce Build-Up – Also known as ice dams. This happens when the attic temperature is too warm in the winter. Snow can melt and refreeze, causing ice dams, which leads to moisture build-up under the shingles which can rot the decking and cause insulation damage.

Tile roof installationEarly Shingle Breakdown – Caused by excess attic heat that can’t escape. This will cause shingles to fail too soon and lead to early shingle replacement. This type of failure will also void a shingle warranty.

Mildew, Wood Rot and Drywall Damage – When moisture can’t escape from the home, it can lead to internal structural damage.

Peeling Paint – Can occur from moisture and uneven temperatures inside the home.

Quarrix Composite Tile is tested to the criteria of ICC-ES for Quarrix Composite Tile. Quarrix’s exclusive formulation along with its controlled manufacturing process creates the most consistent lightweight product for durability and long-lasting performance.

Attractive Appearance

Ridge Vents

Quarrix Ridge Vents baffle-free design has the lowest profile in the industry, virtually disappearing into the roofline. As a result, Quarrix Ridge Vents create the most attractive, straight and even roofline. They also eliminate the need for numerous unsightly vents protruding from the roof.

Quarrix Ridge Vents

Composite Tile

Quarrix Composite Tile offers two uniquely attractive, durable and lightweight roofing solutions. It also offers the authentic look of traditional concrete or clay tiles in the ever-popular double roman profile for a true tile look.

Quarrix Composite Tile

Green & Sustainable

Quarrix Building Products support the use of sustainable construction practices and energy efficient design in all new and remodeling construction projects.

Quarrix Ridge Vents contribute to environmental sustainability in the following ways:

  • Manufacturing Process – plastic overage is re-ground and reused, eliminating most of the plastic waste in the manufacturing process. No in-process plastic from Quarrix’s manufacturing plant goes into landfills. The excess regrind is sold to other industries (lawn edging, drainage pipes, etc).
  • Manufactured in Baldwyn, MS, USA – any project within a 500 mile radius would be considered manufactured locally. (LEED)
  • Fuel Efficiency – Quarrix Ridge Vents are very lightweight meaning the product can be top loaded onto a roofing material pallet.
  • Energy Efficiency – When an attic has proper ventilation the life of the roof will be extended. The roof will also be protected from elements that can damage the roof structure and reduce the life of the roof, eliminating energy waste.

Learn more about how Quarrix Ridge Vents promote energy efficiency in homes.

Quarrix Composite Tile contributes to environmental sustainability in the following ways:

  • Quarrix Composite Tile LEED Certification
  • Reclaimed landfilled waste – Quarrix Composite Tile utilizes a recycled cellulose material along with a crystalline filler. Both of these ingredients would be landfilled if we did not reclaim and use them.
  • Manufacturing Process – Regrind plastic is used in 10-20% of new products. No in-process plastic from the Quarrix manufacturing plant goes into landfill
  • Fuel Efficiency – Quarrix Composite Tile has 67% less weight than natural concrete/clay tile; equaling the typical weight of shingles. Weight advantage means more square footage on a truckload, which requires less transportation per roof.