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Multi Roll
most versatile ridge vent

The best ridge vent solution for difficult to vent areas. The Quarrix Multi Roll® Multi-Purpose Vent serves dual roles as both an intake and an exhaust vent. Its 3-in-1 application makes it the most versatile ridge vent that can be used eave intake, shed wall exhaust and off-peak exhaust.

 3 Applications in 1 Ridge Vent

Multi Rolls 3-in-1 application makes it the most versatile ridge vent



Best Curb Appeal with Invisible Profile

Our low-profile multi-purpose ridge vent creates an almost invisible appearance from the ground. No more awkwardly placed vents or mixed ventilation. Multi Roll creates a clean and neat roof line for a beautiful roof and greater curb appeal than other roof ventilation products.

Soffit Vents Are No Longer a Problem

Easily add on-roof intake to homes with no soffit vents or plugged soffit vents. With just one cut add a slot in the roof deck and install it anywhere on the lower 1/3rd of the roof.

Installs Fast and Easy

Vent can be installed using a coil nail gun. Shingle-over One Pass™ installation installs cap and vent simultaneously in one quick nailing pass. Scored and easy-to-identify cut lines take the guess work out of installation. Lastly, Multi Roll can be ordered with or without nails, so everything you need for installation is included.

Compatible for Unmatched Versatility

Not all ridge vents can be installed under any material. Our ridge vent is the most compatible and fits underneath the most types of roofing materials; including asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, flat tiles, metal and stone-coated steel.

Add Ventilation to Almost Any Area

Roof-to-wall spots, multi-family, firewalls, vaulted roofs and more. Multi Roll easily exhausts roof-to-wall spots, gives the benefits of ridge vent for off-peak installation for vaulted roofs (or multifamily homes with a large center beam (or firewall)

Product Specs

  • Compatible with asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, flat tile, metal and stone-coated steel
  • Made from durable HDPE plastic
  • Pitches from 3/12 to 20/12 
  • 6.35" NFA
  • 5/8" thick
  • Widths: 8 1/4"
  • 20 ft. Roll
  • Part # 61071


paper2.png Multi Roll Spec Sheet

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How to install Quarrix Multi Roll Video


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You'll Never Know It's There

Multi Roll solves hard to vent areas while maintaining a beautiful roof line. No more clumsily arranged and forced vent boxes on the roof. Or worse, neglected areas with no ventilation for spaces to breathe. This vent has a trick up its sleeve and disappears once applied to the roof with its low profile and no baffle design.

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